Jacqueline Hutflus

CPA | Senior Manager

Sociable. Determined. Dependable. Accounting was her ticket to the cool kids’ club.

Riding the bus home from school one day, Jackie noticed a popular girl toting a huge accounting book. Figuring she’d found her ticket to the in-crowd, Jackie signed up for an accounting class. To her surprise, she had a knack for it.

While the field was right for her, the timing wasn’t great. After graduating from college with a degree in business and accounting, there were no accounting jobs. Undeterred, Jackie turned to the Yellow Pages, sending her résumé to every firm in the area—and landed a job that put her on the path to living the cool life of a CPA.

Warm and gregarious, Jackie is a natural at interacting with clients. She’s as comfortable talking business as she is crunching numbers, having been raised by an Italian father who worked in the auto industry and an Irish mom who had a knack for math.

When she’s not reading, playing patty-cake with her granddaughter, or doing jigsaw puzzles, Jackie loves to travel to the Jersey shore, Nashville, or Disneyworld—and hopes one day to visit Europe.

Professional & Civic Affiliations


Services Offered

  • Legacy Planning

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