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Tax Services

Tax accountant or strategic sidekick. What's the difference?

Be comfortable. Be confident. Be prepared.

We’re here to do the tough sledding (that’s your tax planning and compliance)—but we enjoy it and strive to make domestic, state, local, and international tax planning compliance the opposite of intimidating. Perkins & Co’s seasoned tax ninjas slice through complexities for you, revealing opportunities and minimizing risk. Our strategy revolves around planning that takes both your current and future needs into account. “All for one, and one for all,” we say; you can count on us for coordinated entity and individual tax planning and compliance for your organization and its executives.

The “Bring it!” approach to tax planning and preparation.

Let’s get close. Your needs, your style, your plans, your vision: we want to know everything about you. That’s how we bring to public and privately-held businesses the ideas, approaches and value that might otherwise be missed. This is no seasonal band-aid; we will nurture and refine your tax strategy through all the ups and downs of the entire Business Lifecycle. It’s a relationship with room to grow: our business clients often become personal tax clients, too.

And if you have particularly knotty challenges—like international, multistate and sales use tax issues—we have the sophisticated resources (in-house and through our BDO Alliance) to handle them. Large or small, local or global, every tax issue you bring to our door will receive the expert, intimate attention of a team that knows and delivers just what you need.

You can always expect us to…

  • Provide the planning and structure that best serve your tax situation now and in the future
  • Ensure seamless interaction with our audit service team as we perform tax compliance and planning services
  • Be your advocate: We will seek out all reasonable planning and filing positions, to allow you to minimize your overall tax exposure within your range of risk tolerance
  • Discuss with you and research unusual tax issues to find the legal course that will result in the appropriate tax treatment based on the facts and law
  • Assist you in any dispute with the IRS or state authorities and endeavor to prevail on your behalf

Tax Services Leadership

We can help you with…

Tax Planning and Compliance
Preparing and filing your annual tax returns (business or personal) are the most basic requirements for tax compliance, but “basic” doesn’t mean “simple.” In fact, tax laws change and multiply every year, complicating an already cumbersome process. Leave it to our professionals, who can also help you with issues such as:

  • Portland/Multnomah county tax planning
  • Multistate income and franchise, nexus, and sales tax issues
  • Washington B&O tax planning
  • Related party transaction planning
  • Executive compensation
  • Research credit claims
  • Cost segregation and fixed asset planning
  • Merger and acquisition issues
  • Entity structuring
  • Tax accounting method options
  • International operations

Federal Tax
How do your business decisions affect your federal tax liability? What can you do to address federal tax issues proactively? How will new developments affect your existing tax structure? Huddle with your Perkins federal tax experts and emerge with custom-fit, smart solutions. Our federal tax service areas include:

  • Business start-up issues, entity selection, location analysis
  • Consulting on federal tax matters for S and C corporations, partnerships/LLCs and their owners
  • Tax accounting method changes
  • Due diligence and tax consulting for acquisition or sale of business
  • Overseas expansion consulting
  • Private letter rulings
  • Audit defense and appeals representation
  • Net operating loss carryback
  • Tax credit maximization

State and Local Tax
Don’t wade through state and local tax implications alone. Let your Perkins team guide you successfully through the ever-changing landscape of regulations and requirements. We’ll help you improve efficiencies and streamline processes along the way with the latest technology and our proven expertise. Our state and local tax services include:

  • Preparing state and local income and franchise tax returns
  • Performing income and sales tax nexus studies to ensure compliance is met in all state and local jurisdictions
  • Assisting with sales and use and transaction taxes
  • Consulting on state and local tax ramifications of reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, including due diligence
  • Management and defense of examinations by state and local government authorities
  • Assisting with state and local tax credits and incentives

International Tax
We understand that your ability to navigate international tax requirements in ever-changing circumstances can have a significant impact on your business. Let us smooth the way. Your Perkins team can help you understand your international tax options as well as identify risks and opportunities—and ultimately develop the most effective international tax planning structure for you.

You’ll have all the advantages of our in-house experts, plus our BDO international tax resources: we’re able to tap the expertise and resources of over 37 BDO offices and 400 alliance firms in the United States, and over 1000+ international offices in 120 countries. Our International Tax service areas include:

U.S. Outbound

  • International structuring
  • Outbound property transfer
  • Income sourcing and foreign tax credit planning
  • Transfer pricing issue identification and studies
  • Avoidance of anti-deferral regime (CFC/PFIC)
  • Repatriation strategies

U.S. Inbound

  • International structuring
  • Cross-border financing
  • Transfer pricing issue identification and studies
  • U.S. income tax withholding
  • Repatriation strategies and branch profits tax

International Estate Planning

  • Grantor/non-grantor trusts
  • Property transfer to foreign trusts
  • Distribution to US beneficiaries from foreign trusts
  • QDOT and gifting to non-citizen spouse

U.S. Real Property Investment and U.S. Estate Tax for Foreign Investors

  • Investment Structures
  • Reorganization with U.S. real property interest transfers
  • U.S. income tax withholdings (FIRPTA) and IRS withholding certificate
  • U.S. estate tax and tax treaty benefits

Visit our International page to learn more >

Transfer Pricing
Our deep understanding of your business means we can help optimize transfer pricing policies in line with your needs and global tax requirements. Don’t hesitate to call on us for expert transfer pricing planning and analysis firmly grounded in your overall business strategy. Our transfer pricing services include:

  • Comprehensive solutions for all international activity/transactions
  • Intangible property planning and related cost sharing arrangements
  • U.S. and foreign jurisdiction country documentation
  • Audit support appeals and Competent Authority coordination
  • Advance pricing agreements
  • Ongoing monitoring and updates of transfer pricing arrangements
  • Fin 48 (uncertain tax matters, related analysis)

Accounting for Income Taxes
The intricacies of accounting for income taxes don’t scare us. We wield in-depth industry knowledge, seasoned tax experts, and a thorough understanding of your business to minimize risk in the income tax arena. We can support your organization’s own professionals in meticulous planning and analysis, or provide all related services as needed. And if it’s systematic improvements in processes or controls you’re after, you’ll find us ready and extremely able to assist. Our accounting for income taxes services include:

  • Preparation of tax provisions
  • Analyzing uncertain tax positions
  • Consulting with respect to Shared Based Compensation (FAS123(R)) and Deferred Compensation (Section 409A)
  • Analyzing deferred tax asset and liability balances
  • Assistance with tax accounting for business combinations

Tax Controversy
In business, you can’t always avoid tax controversies—but you can prepare for them. On the proactive side, let us help you identify and minimize the tax risks that your business may face year to year. If litigation, IRS examinations or other controversies rear their heads, we’ll use all our powers of analysis and advocacy as we endeavor to prevail on your behalf. Our Tax Controversy services include:

  • Federal and state audit appeals representation
  • Addressing tax risk areas for your business
  • Private Letter Ruling assistance on critical/substantive transactions
  • Identifying tax method changes warranted to establish compliance and minimize tax penalty and interest risk

Transaction Advisory
Tax advantages may not be the first thing on your mind when planning transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, investments, or restructurings, but we want to make sure you don’t miss out. We’re thoroughly prepared to help you act quickly: we can identify your opportunities, set up the appropriate tax structures and assist with due diligence on your target companies as needed. Our Transaction Advisory services include:

  • Due diligence on target companies related to mergers and acquisitions and business reorganizations
  • Structuring transactions in a tax-efficient manner
  • Identifying changes in accounting method opportunities
  • Preparation of final tax returns
  • Identifying state and local tax nexus issues
  • Tax provision assistance
  • Identifying prior year tax refund opportunities
  • Identifying international tax compliance exposures

Exempt Organizations
Receiving and maintaining tax-exempt status can be an uphill climb; Perkins can make the load lighter and the challenges less daunting. We’ve guided many organizations and foundations through their initial formation and application for exemption.

Our experienced group of exempt-organization tax professionals stay in tune with national and state trends as well as legislative changes to better assist you with recurring compliance and occasional IRS audits. Let us help you acquire and protect what you value most: your incredibly valuable tax-exempt status. Our tax services for exempt organizations include:

  • Application of nonprofit status, including preparation of Form 1023 or 1024
  • Private foundation formation and maintenance
  • Managing and preserving tax-exempt status
  • Federal and state tax compliance
  • Assisting with governance best practices
  • Board and management education
  • Assisting with analyzing and developing alternative revenue streams
  • Assisting with internal financial policy review and disclosure
  • Avoiding or minimizing unrelated business income (UBI)
  • Avoiding conflict-of-interest and self-dealing issues
  • Avoiding intermediate sanction issues
  • Nonprofit organization conversions, restructuring and terminations

Research and Development Tax Credits
Are you getting the credit you deserve for your R&D activities? If you pay for services or perform activities to develop or improve products, processes, and/or software, you may qualify for federal and state research tax credits. Companies of all sizes, public and private, are potentially eligible—and the credits can equal as much as 14% of every qualified dollar per tax year. Determining the credit requires complex calculations, but can yield significant benefits, including:

  • Increased cash flow
  • Permanent tax savings
  • A vehicle to achieve additional tax savings in future years
  • A reduction to the overall effective tax rate

Don’t miss out on this tremendous opportunity. We can help you with research tax credit recovery planning, claim filing, training, audit, and litigation support.

Fixed Assets
Let’s make sure your assets deliver maximum value from a tax perspective. We can review your fixed assets and capitalization policies to ensure that costs are being appropriately capitalized and depreciated, or properly expensed as repairs and maintenance, under current tax laws for federal and state purposes.

Cost Segregation
Whether you’re constructing, purchasing or remodeling a property, a cost segregation study could yield significant cash flow benefits. Typically, buildings must be depreciated over 27.5-39 years. The goal of a cost segregation study is to identify all direct and indirect costs that qualify for shorter depreciable lives—5,7, or 15 years—to accelerate deductions which reduce your current tax liability and free up operating capital for other uses.

Visit our Cost Segregation page to learn more >

Nexus Issues
Feeling a little exposed? We can, at your request, perform a thorough review of your operations and make recommendations to management to minimize your exposure to multistate taxation or to create a more favorable structure if feasible within your operational requirements. We can also draw on BDO’s state and local tax group as needed.

Gain Deferral Strategies
You can rely on our considerable experience with both tax-deferred exchanges (§1031) and involuntary conversions (§1033) to deliver the tax results you want. Deferral may not always be your best answer, though; let us help you compare the benefits of deferring tax versus recognizing the gain today.

Tax Accounting Methods
We don’t believe in change for its own sake. But it only makes good financial sense to ensure your current or proposed accounting methods serve your goals as well as they should. We can help you identify potential tax accounting change opportunities and the likely financial outcome that a change may have. We can also review your existing tax methods and correct them (if needed) to operate as favorably for you as possible.

We can also help you with…

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