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Transaction Advisory Services

Whether you're buying or selling a business, do it with confidence.

Let’s tackle the details together.

There’s no denying it. Buying or selling a business is a big deal. It’s financially complex and emotionally challenging—and there’s a lot on the line.

Our transaction advisory services (TAS) group can help you make sense of the process and give you confidence and peace of mind as you move forward.

We thoroughly address the details with you to structure a successful transaction—and a healthy transition.

If you’re considering a transaction, we can help you…

Identify Requirements and Expectations

Preparing you for a life-changing business transaction is as important as preparing the business itself. We’ll help you define your financial requirements, identify the ideal transaction type and characteristics, and determine an optimal post-transaction relationship.

Assess Business Value Drivers

We’ll help you identify and evaluate strategies to prepare your organization, maximize enterprise value, and capitalize on a transaction.

Enhance Value

Whether you plan to sell your business or retain it for the next generation, we’ll help you assess organizational structure and reduce business risk to boost enterprise value.

Analyze Transaction Value

We can help you calculate transaction value based on deal type, capital structure, cash flows, and risk profile to define the ultimate deal structure for your transaction.

Align and Retain Employees

Retaining key employees before and after your transaction drives value and expands the buyer pool. We’ll proactively identify and evaluate strategies to align employees with owners for a win-win solution.

Complete Pre-Sale Due Diligence

We’ll help you evaluate your company’s readiness and address issues that impact enterprise value.

Allocate Purchase Price

Allocating sale proceeds is as much an art as it is a science. We’ll help you allocate the purchase price among assets, stock, goodwill, and more to minimize taxes and risk while maximizing results—the perfect blend of meeting financial goals and protecting wealth.


If you’re purchasing a business, we can help you…

Complete Buy-Side Due Diligence

Understanding the financial strengths and weaknesses of a target company is essential to making informed transaction decisions. We’ll help you get there.

Undertake Operational & IT Due Diligence

What is the target company’s level of technological sophistication? We’ll help you understand the operational and IT landscape and identify opportunities to mitigate company and integration risk.

Structure Your Deal

Sales price, capital structure, working capital, and transaction type all impact the deal and post-sale relationship. We’ll help you analyze the target company and the timing and structure of your deal to minimize risk, maximize returns, and reduce impact on your organization.

Complete Taxation Due Diligence & Structuring

To optimize your proceeds, we’ll analyze the proposed transaction and identify alternatives to negotiate and structure.

Resolve Post-Transaction Disputes

If post-transaction-related disputes arise, we’ll be there for you, helping you address issues so you can proceed with business as usual.


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