Plan a graceful exit.

Just as we’ve guided hundreds of business owners as seasoned business transition advisors, we’ve guided hundreds of business owners and can also help you to:

  • Determine and satisfy your personal financial security requirements
  • Structure the future ownership and leadership of the company
  • Prepare your heirs, the business, and employees for the transition
  • Preserve and protect your family’s assets for multiple generations
  • Maintain and improve key relationships with family and employees

Make the most of your transaction.

We’ve also helped business owners maximize their transactions by:

  • Preparing a company for third-party sale to maximize value
  • Creating a path to retain key employees
  • Minimizing income and estate taxes while reducing transaction risk
  • Maximizing philanthropic planning and charitable legacy
  • Addressing business continuity and contingency planning concerns



Ownership & Succession Planning


Mom and Dad, ages 72 and 74, each own 50% of a manufacturing company with annual revenues of $25+ million. They want to transfer the company to their daughter—who is active in the business—while retaining the commercial real estate and other assets for their non-active son. 


80% of the owners’ net worth is tied up in the company, and their financial security is dependent on their daughter’s ability to run the company. They are unsure how best to structure the ownership transfer while maintaining operations and retaining control. They are also unsure how to structure their estate fairly for their son and ultimately pay the inheritance taxes. 


We worked with all the family members and their other advisors to design a tax-efficient ownership transition strategy that met Mom and Dad’s financial needs while maintaining sufficient operating capital for the business. This strategy provided time for the daughter to develop her skills while the parents built their personal liquidity to reduce their risk and equalize the estate for their son. 

Don't Take Our Word For It

“I appreciate how Don laid out all aspects of estate planning. Any of the numerous topics could warrant a focused deep dive, but he put them all in context so that we can decide individually where to dive with our advisors. I appreciate Don as a strategic partner…he really set the bar.”


“I love the relationship that we have with Perkins. Top to bottom, the organization is so professional, knowledgeable and genuinely seems to look out for my/our wellbeing. A true partner in every sense.”

Eric Gregg

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