You can always
expect us to...

  • 01.

    Establish best practices and internal controls

  • 02.

    Help you detect and prevent fraud

  • 03.

    Help you simplify and improve processes

  • 04.

    Keep your accounting staff up to date with
    regulations and compliance needs

  • 05.

    Minimize your tax exposure

  • 06.

    Proactively support your own accounting staff

  • 07.

    Provide an integrated view of the financial issues underpinning each part of your business

Our 1:6 ratio means more 1:1

Our ratio of executive team shareholders to staff is unusually low for a full-service regional firm: 1:6 or lower, depending on the service or industry practice group. It means you get the direct, involved attention of our top talent from day one. They proactively offer you strategy, feedback and ideas all along the way.

We can help you with...

  • Fraud auditing, control and litigation support
  • Image program incentives
  • Internal controls and internal accounting advisory services
  • LIFO calculations and issues
  • Litigation support
  • Negotiating computer system purchases
  • New IRS repair and maintenance regulations
  • Parts physical inventories (counts and controls)
  • Producer owned reinsurance company and retro program issues
  • Sales tax audit and recovery services
  • Succession planning
  • Tax compliance
  • Valuations of dealerships

Don't take our word for it

“Perkins provides very good quality service, understands our needs and values the relationship. I appreciate their commitment to our business.”

Mark Topping
MD Johnson, Inc.

“I rate Perkins extremely high. Karen is great, very knowledgeable, a pleasure to work with. We would be lost without her.”

Pete Cann
Vancouver Car Co

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