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The human side of audits (and reviews and compilations)

Less painful. More productive. Almost enjoyable.

Whether it’s an audit, review or compilation, these services are kind of a guilty pleasure with us. Between the planning, fieldwork and reports, we get to know your business intimately—the better to offer truly relevant advice and guidance. Whether you need us to interpret the latest accounting rules, identify a way to improve controls or listen to your latest business plan, we’re there for you. We lend you an ear and a shoulder, not to mention a hand, as you survey the changes and challenges ahead.

We can help you with…

Private and Public company audits
We are a PCAOB (Public Company Oversight Board) registered firm

Multinational company audits
US GAAP or IFRS reporting—we cover all bases

Employee Benefit Plan Audits
Our specialists in EBP audits and ERISA ensure full compliance and peace of mind

Risk Management consulting services
Internal audits, internal control reviews, and IT compliance and consulting

Agreed-upon Procedures
To meet precise reporting requirements efficiently and thoroughly

Assurance Services Leadership

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Our Process

Our Audit Flow

Our audit engagements follow a flow of events for thorough communication, analysis and support. The details are personalized to each business, but the momentum, top-tier advising and engagement come standard.

You can always expect us to:

  • Review financial data and company trends to identify critical audit areas and resolve issues promptly.
  • Keep you informed of your audit status and communicate any issues in a timely manner to avoid surprises.
  • Conduct an assessment of your information systems to help you control costs and reduce risk.
  • Perform preliminary evaluation of internal controls.
  • Document the internal controls for significant audit areas.
  • Develop a risk-based audit program tailored to your needs.
  • Identify areas of focus.

Turning Technology to Your Advantage

We use the most advanced technology in our industry to work faster, smarter and better together with you. Our secure Client Portal, which allows our clients to share and access documents quickly and confidentially, is just one example of how we streamline the usual processes. We are also one of only a small percentage of CPA firms to commit to Paperless Workflow technology, reducing clutter and environmental impact.


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