Kelsi Miller

CPA | Shareholder

Tenacious. Passionate. Focused. When she does something, she’s all in. 

Years ago, Kelsi launched her accounting career at Perkins, joining the firm shortly before founder Cheryl Perkins retired. Struck by Cheryl’s drive, commitment to her clients, and dedication to family, Kelsi knew she had met a worthy role model.

Yet Kelsi had never planned to be an accountant. Following in her mom’s footsteps, Kelsi had been an avid horseperson from a young age. She wanted to be a veterinarian until her dad—an accountant—encouraged her to join his profession so she could afford her horses.

She stayed the course. After five years at Perkins, Kelsi moved to Eugene. Remote work was in its infancy, so she bid adieu to Perkins and energetically threw herself into building a career focused on estates and trusts and manufacturing and distribution.

But she never forgot her friends and the allure of Perkins’ je ne sais quoi culture. So, when the time was right to re-enter public accounting, Kelsi made a beeline for Perkins—and we were only too happy to welcome her back as a shareholder.

A former high school athlete, Kelsi may have hung up her basketball jersey, but she continues to show and train horses and work cattle in Prineville with her mom a couple of weeks a year. Like her accounting role model, Kelsi deftly balances her workload with her love of family by cheering on her boys at their sports events and wakeboarding with the family on Lake Shasta.

Services Offered

  • Legacy Planning
  • Tax Services

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