Food & Beverage

Enjoy our rare blend of support and services.

Cheers to your financial health

Your financial picture can be as inspiring—and unpredictable—as your craft. Conditions that create a great success can, with the slightest variation, cause your offerings to fall flat the next time. We can help you gain more control over your financial future and free you to focus on what makes your business so rewarding and unique.

We answer your tough questions, including:

  • How much tax will I owe?
  • Am I making a profit?
  • What’s my inventory costing me?
  • Which of my products are making money?

We’re also proud to be the Portland-area full-service firm that specializes in accounting services for brewers, winemakers, and distillers. We have the experience to support our clients through their entire Business Lifecycle, from helping start-ups determine the feasibility of their business plans to providing deal structure and consulting support.

You can always expect us to…

  • Show understanding of and respect for your craft
  • Ensure you receive all of the credits and deductions for which you qualify
  • Help you develop systems and controls that will allow you to focus on your goals
  • Serve as your advisors and strategists
  • Analyze your cash flow projections
  • Help you identify your most profitable products and services

We get involved.

Confession: We love what you do. We support the beer, wine and spirits business at all levels, from home brewing and judicious sipping to participation in industry organizations. You’ll find us in:

Food & Beverage Leadership

We can help you with…

  • Accounting method changes
  • Assurance services (financial statement audit, review & compilation)
  • Consulting on equitable ownership structures
  • Ensuring tax compliance for related party structures
  • Federal, state and local tax incentives (Tips credits, BETC credits)
  • Financing consultation
  • Gifting strategies for family-owned businesses
  • Hop and vineyard farm accounting methods
  • International taxation issues
  • Inventory costing
  • IPO planning
  • Maximizing your domestic production activities deduction (yes, you do have production activities)
  • Navigating the complex differences between book income and taxable income
  • New tangible property regulations
  • Passive activity compliance and reporting
  • R&D tax credits
  • Transition planning and implementation for family-owned businesses
  • Valuation of business interests and other intangibles
  • Vineyard development strategic planning

Our 1:6 ratio means more 1:1.

Our ratio of executive team shareholders to staff is unusually low for a full-service regional firm: 1:6 or lower, depending on the service or industry practice group. It means you get the direct, involved attention of our top talent from day one. They proactively offer you strategy, feedback and ideas all along the way.

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