Creative Services

Who says creativity and accounting don't mix?

We’re not the norm. But neither are you.

Creative and marketing businesses, we know where you live: in a highly competitive landscape where ideas and innovation rule. It’s territory we know and love. We started providing accounting services to Oregon’s premier advertising and public relations agencies back in the ‘80s, and continue to work with established and up-and-coming creative businesses. From tax services to strategic planning, reviews, and audits, our Creative Services Practice Group aims to make your financial picture as inspiring as your best creative.

You won’t find many full-service accounting firms specializing in services for creative and marketing businesses. We do it because we believe in the value of your work and admire your vision. We like your style, and we think you’ll like ours, too.

Think we look familiar?

You’ll find Perkins people serving in board leadership roles and participating in local creative and marketing associations, including:

You can always expect us to…

  • Identify opportunities to strengthen your financial health
  • Offer tax solutions specific to your unique circumstances
  • Understand your end goals and work from there to find the most effective solutions
  • Help you develop compensation to attract and retain your best talent
  • Collaborate with your entire financial team, including bookkeepers, attorneys, and bankers
  • Connect you with resources to help you address business challenges
  • Stay up to date on new legislation, rules, and regulations (so you don’t have to)

We can help you with…

  • Choosing a tax structure
  • Choosing a legal entity
  • Tax consulting and compliance
  • Assurance services (audit and attest)
  • R&D tax credits
  • Merger & acquisition due diligence
  • Stock options and other equity compensation
  • International structuring
  • Tax accounting methods
  • Multi-state income and franchise taxes
  • State nexus and apportionment
  • Executive compensation
  • Retirement plans

Creative Services Leadership

Our 1:6 ratio means more 1:1.

Our ratio of executive team shareholders to staff is unusually low for a full-service regional firm: 1:6 or lower, depending on the service or industry practice group. It means you get the direct, involved attention of our top talent from day one. They proactively offer you strategy, feedback and ideas all along the way.


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