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Litigation Support

We help make sure the facts add up

Call us the calculating detectives

Unlike many CPA firms in our market, we provide litigation support and expert testimony to objectively present and support cases. (It’s not quite primetime drama, but it’s very intriguing.) Our forensic accounting experts combine investigative prowess with accounting and auditing skills to uncover important data and financial information. Our team includes the 100+ professionals in our office that hold leadership status in taxation, real estate, IT risk assessment, financial reporting…you name it, we’ve got it (that’s what you get with the depth and breadth of Perkins). And, you won’t get surprises from us. Our experience in the courtroom ensures that the results are understandable and persuasive.

We can help you with…

  • Expert testimony
  • Financial forensic analysis
  • Lost profit and damage calculations
  • Estate and trust disputes
  • Marital dissolution
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Support for IT security engagements, including Computer Forensics and E-Discovery Lab

Litigation Support Leadership

A glimpse of our litigation experience…

  • Valuation and litigation services for lawsuit re: loss in shareholder value for national retail chain
  • Valuation and expert testimony related to termination of employee or shareholder
  • Litigation services to establish lost profits from accidental disruption of communication services to a national call center
  • Expert testimony and damage calculation to establish diminution in the value of a company resulting from a violation of employment agreements, and stealing company property and customers
  • Litigation services to establish damages to winery with destroyed vintage due to regulatory noncompliance
  • Expert testimony and financial forensic analysis relating to retirement and assisted living facility investment partnerships
  • Litigation services to establish damages resulting from subsequent corporate IRS audit and income taxes after sale of corporate stock
  • Lost profits calculation due to herbicide overspray on agricultural land
  • Litigation and forensic services tracing funds through several entities (including offshore) in a federal criminal case
  • Lost profits calculation from alleged erroneous and incomplete financial reports to establish damage from purchase of business in the personal care products industry
  • Expert testimony and financial analysis in response to expert damage report from loss of customer relationship and trade secrets in the food manufacturing industry
  • Expert testimony and financial analysis in response to expert damage report from loss of business in the marine manufacturing and sale industry

Our 1:6 ratio means more 1:1.

Our ratio of executive team shareholders to staff is unusually low for a full-service regional firm: 1:6 or lower, depending on the service or industry practice group. It means you get the direct, involved attention of our top talent from day one. They proactively offer you strategy, feedback and ideas all along the way.

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