Accounting for Startups, Meet the Startup features David Uslan

Meet the Startup asks David Uslan, lead of our High Tech and Emerging Growth Practice Group to share perspective on the common questions he receives from enpreneuers and owners of startups companies. Give this quick video a watch to understand more about the following topics:

  • Why should I hire an outside bookkeeper?
  • When should I start working with a CPA?
  • What entitiy structure makes sense for me, Sole Proprietor, S Corp, C Corp, LLC?
  • Do I need an attorney in the early phase?

Helping startups and working closely with inventors and entrepreneurs is what David loves most about his accounting role. Whether garage inventions or the next hot technology phenomenon, David gets pretty excited to hear about your “cool stuff” and help you understand the financial picture. Give him a call, he’s always willing to offer you guidance, complimentary of course, and he’s much nicer than the guys on Shark Tank.

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