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Real Estate Connection: Portland’s Downtown Resurgence!

Surveying, forecasting, and negotiations underway. Cranes appear in the cityscape while construction fences elbow traffic and jackhammers thunder in the distance. It’s the sound of development in our city, once again, on the rise.

Learn about some of the major (some even say catalytic) projects in progress designed to improve our downtown neighborhoods, drive economic growth and connect neighborhoods in surprising ways.

Real Estate Connection November 27, 2012

Featuring panelists:

  • Dennis Allen, Director of Planning and Development, ZRZ Reality
  • Tom Hughes, Metro Council President, Metro
  • Brian Newman, Director of Campus Planning, Development and Real Estate, OHSU
  • Monica Rimai, Vice President, Finance & Administration, Portland State University
  • John C. Spencer, AICP, Spencer Consultants/Spencer & Kupper


  • Dr. Gerry Mildner, Director of the Center for Real Estate, Portland State University