Sanaa Amchich

CPA | Senior Manager

Client focused. Trustworthy. Reliable. From Morocco to Minneapolis, Sanaa follows her heart.

With a multifaceted life, Sanaa is a dedicated Tax CPA, a proud mother, and an active volunteer in her kids’ activities. Balancing her accounting expertise with a warm family life, she finds joy in both numbers and nurturing young minds. Beyond the world of taxation, Sanaa is a creative spirit, often dabbling in painting to express her artistic side. Her curiosity leads her to constantly explore new skills and knowledge, reflecting her genuine love for learning.

On weekends, she trades her CPA hat for hiking boots, relishing weekly hikes and nature walks that fuel her connection to the great outdoors and energize her spirit. Sanaa also embraces the discipline of martial arts, demonstrating her commitment to personal growth and development.

Deeply committed to serving others, Sanaa is inspired by how companies start, evolve, and grow. Holding these stories close, she aims to serve her clients by simplifying tax codes, relieving burdens, and helping them do what they do best.

Professional & Civic Affiliations


Services Offered

  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Tax Services
  • Technology

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