Julie Klein

CPA | Controller

Confident. Decisive. All in. A critical thinker with a passion for serving her clients.

Whether she’s analyzing the books or designing compensation packages, Julie is unabashedly enthusiastic about her job—and loves (almost) nothing more than using financial information to make smart business decisions.

Growing up the daughter of a small business owner, Julie comes by her business moxie naturally. While she briefly considered a career in law, an economics course at Seattle Central Community College readily swayed her to pursue business and accounting. More than 20 years later, she’s amassed an impressive resume of financial leadership, primarily working with law firms and other professional service businesses.

While driven and dedicated to her job, Julie loves to spend time relaxing with extended family or vacationing in Hawaii. An intuitive cook, she churns out homemade lasagnas, salmon cakes, and other amazing dishes like she does her job—creatively, passionately, and always with a heart for serving others.


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