Jen Curran

CPA | Shareholder

Balanced. Approachable. Optimistic. An unlikely connection brought Jen home to Perkins.

About a decade ago, a fellow softball player who knew that Jen was casting about for an accounting job in Portland recognized something in Jen—a kindness, perhaps—that she thought would make her a good match for Perkins. New to the area, Jen decided to check out Perkins, and shortly thereafter joined us as a tax accountant.

The story doesn’t stop there. Jen, we discovered, has a magical ability to fix messy books. Growing up in Denver, Jen regularly worked alongside her mom, a real estate closer, and inherited a double dose of the numbers gene from her dad, a banker. With her bookkeeping superpowers, tax accounting knowledge and leadership skills, we knew Jen would make a great accounting services senior manager.

She’s been batting a thousand for Perkins ever since, growing our bookkeeping practice and expertly fielding all the messy books we throw her way.

Though Jen has hung up her softball mitt, you might see her cycling around town if the weather’s fine or spot her tootling around the Pacific Northwest in her 1980 VW Vanagon some leisurely weekend. She has found a home in Portland and a forever place at Perkins.

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