Crystal Middleton

CPA | Senior Manager

Outgoing. Loyal. Adventurous. When her husband won on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, he offered her a big wedding or a garage.

As early as eighth grade, Crystal knew she wanted to be an accountant. That’s about the time she remembered Kirstie Alley playing a CPA in “Look Who’s Talking” and thought the profession looked pretty cool. So, after taking accounting and business in high school, she plowed through college business courses while working full-time and raising her two oldest children.

Energetic and dedicated, Crystal revels in the pace and learning opportunities inherent in tax accounting. There’s something new to learn every day, and she loves finding ways to help individuals and businesses thrive. And while she’s a born-and-bred New Hampshirite, Crystal doesn’t like the cold, so she’s content to spend hours in her warm house cranking out work while the winter winds blow and busy season presses on.

When the weather’s warm, however, all bets are off. Whether hosting parties in their backyard, splashing in the pool, or chasing down every amusement park and escape room in the country, Crystal and her family know how to have fun. Friends can always call them last minute for a night of trivia or games—and they’re always up for an adventure. And about that big wedding or garage? She picked the garage, as any good New Englander would.

Services Offered

  • Tax Services

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