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Carol-Ann Simon

CPA, CA | Shareholder

Portland’s very own Expat Tax whiz.

Carol-Ann is the master of transitioning expatriate tax engagements. Once a transplant herself, Carol-Ann came to us from our alliance firm, BDO, LLP. Her expertise includes coordinating global tax compliance, tax-effective compensation, cross border planning, employee relocation issues and tax equalization policies. Carol-Ann’s knowledge of expatriate services brings a unique and much-needed skill set to the Portland marketplace. For such a cool lady, she’s certainly a hot commodity.

Outside of dealing with international numbers and facts, Carol-Ann is a winter sport fanatic and doting mother. You may see her hitting the slopes at Hood or Bachelor this winter with her two kids in tow. Originally hailing from Canada, Carol-Ann has a leg up on most of us Pacific Northwesterners when it comes to skiing and outdoor recreation—perhaps due to her first career as a professional figure skater. Currently, she is working on what’s sure to be a grand production: Taxes on Ice. Carol-Ann can work out your expatriate issues faster than you can say “triple axel.”

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