Clippers Buyer Will Pay More Than Sterling…More Like a Pile of Gold

Current Clippers owner Donald Sterling paid a mere $12 million for the team over 30 years ago. The price that he’ll receive, should he be forced to sell the team, will be fodder for discussion in college finance classes for years to come.

A recent Journal of Accountancy article explores the factors that could be considered by the prospective buyer.  Emotion is one of the unique issues influencing the price for the possible sale of the LA Clippers franchise. Some businesses or industries definitely attract buyers that aren’t necessarily what we’d call “financial buyers”. In other words, the bottom line isn’t necessarily the bottom line for them. The lure can be the love of food or the idea of opening a restaurant to share the family manicotti recipe. The romance of owning a winery can be intoxicating…literally and figuratively. If you’re a sports fanatic, maybe you’ve fantasized about the excitement of sitting courtside and reaching out to snag a high-five from a sweaty, jersey-wearing employee after making the game-winning 3-pointer. Read more about the things you should be thinking about before you place your bid for the Clippers…or any other business that you’re shopping for.  

Call our valuation team when you’re assembling your all-star line-up for a possible business acquisition or sale. With expertise and experience, we’ll provide some game-changing plays and “assists” to help your team to pull off a win. Enough puns? Yup.

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