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Perkins & Co Wins BDO Fitness Challenge

Challenge Accepted. Challenge Dominated! Our employees deserve a high five AND a massive round of applause for winning BDO’s 2013 Fitness Challenge.  Here’s how we did it:

What gets us more excited than busy season dinners, free massages and donut day? Kicking our co-workers’ “assets” in the Perkins & Co Annual Busy Season Wellness Challenge. Thirteen teams of six (that’s 70% of our employees) competed by earning one point for every minute of exercise for eight weeks. We racked up over 160,000 points during the eight-week period (that’s roughly 2,688 hours of blood, sweat and tears shed).

Weekly in-house yoga and abs/stretch classes, training together for the Shamrock 5, 8 or 15k, long Saturday cycling rides, or simply taking a desk break to climb our high-rise stairs, all help keep busy season stress in check and camaraderie high—even when it’s gray and pouring rain outside. One audit senior manager and proud member of the “Guns and Posers” team even ran her first 50k in the heat of busy season.

While we love the good stuff (long-live dessert day), we redesigned our busy season fare to include more vegetables, leaner proteins and lots of salad. It’s not just about February, March and April. We train for busy season year-round and welcome newcomers to our dodge ball (knee pads required) and basketball teams, morning swim group and Hood to Coast Relay team. Plus, there are always several really crazy people training for a marathon. For those just needing a mental health break, someone’s always ready for a stroll down to Starbucks, to order a “skinny” of course.

Guess you could say we’re proud of our “work together, play together” culture.