Why Perkins

Big-firm resources. Local-firm attention.

What it really feels like to work with Perkins & Co

You get sophisticated, big-firm resources wrapped in local-firm warmth and responsiveness. Your needs are owned and addressed by a whole team, not just one main contact, so you’re always taken care of by someone who knows you well. And we’re prepared to see you through your entire Business Lifecycle. From start-up to exit strategy, we make business accounting more manageable, inspiring and rewarding.

How can we deliver this comfort level to all of our clients, large and small, doing work locally, nationally and internationally? With our local ownership and integrated team approach. Our people share a common culture, mission and way of working, which streamlines our relationships—no need to get approval or direction from a parent firm. Here you’ll also find people who share a good laugh, a community spirit and a keen entrepreneurial drive. (Well, that’s Portland for you.) You just might start to look forward to your accounting.

We believe…

…in the power of possibilities.

…that if you attract those who have a passion, and keep that fire alive with laughter and friendship, you create a place where magic can happen.

…in a “work together, play together” culture

…in making our clients satisfied and successful.

…it’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it.

…accounting can be sexy.

…you can take work seriously without taking yourself too seriously.

…the partnerships we create can mentor businesses through complex challenges.

…the difference between good and great accounting can make or break the opportunity to create a legacy, not just a business.

We are Perkins, and we believe in igniting possibilities.


Now, let’s do the numbers:

  • Years in business: 32 (since 1986)
  • Rank (in size) among locally-based accounting firms: #1
  • Number of employees: 170, including 23 executive team shareholders
  • Female shareholders: 43%, or 10 out of 23 (just sayin’)
  • Average length of service company-wide: 7.6 years (including annual entry-level hires)
  • Employees with 10+ years of service: 1/3 of the company
  • Number of consecutive years fellow businesses ranked us one of Oregon’s Most Admired Companies in the professional services category: 6
  • Our “Most Admired” rank among Oregon accounting firms #1
  • Client satisfaction score: 74% gave us a 9+ rating out of 10
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