Business Valuation Case Studies

Litigation Support Case Study: Establishing Damages

Industry: Winery Problem/Objective A license from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) was omitted, which resulted in an order to destruct an entire vintage of wine, approximately half in bulk and half in bottled wine. Solution The Perkins valuation team analyzed the…

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Litigation Support Case Study: Establishing Lost Profits

Industry: Telecommunications Problem/Objective A contractor cut into underground telephone lines, which resulted in disrupted phone service to a call center for all inbound and outbound calls. Solution The Perkins valuation team determined a value for the lost earnings from the disruption, taking into account the…

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Business Valuation Case Study: Reorganization of Family Business

Problem/Objective A second generation family business was experiencing strife between the key members of management. As a result, the board of directors was recommending a reorganization of the company into two entities. The property division needed to be of equal value and also include complimentary…

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