Real Estate Case Studies

Real Estate Case Study: Cost Segregation

Background Client purchased an existing commercial building and did a complete asbestos removal project along with other significant tenant and building improvement projects. Problem/Objective The investment in the capital improvements described above was deducted over a fairly long period for tax purposes. Our goal was…

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Real Estate Case Study: Avoiding Unrelated Business Taxable Income

Background Client is a real estate investment group that has put together a fund, including equity, preferred equity, and mezzanine type lending deals. The fund includes all types of investors. Problem/Objective The Tax-exempt investors in the fund were being allocated unrelated business taxable income (UBTI)…

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Real Estate Case Study: Tenancy in Common Reporting

Background Clients are syndicators of tenancy in common interests. The size of the real estate projects range from $2 to $20 million, with 2 to 14 co-tenants. Problem/Objective The client was looking for a cost effective and efficient way to provide operating information to the…

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Real Estate Case Study: Helping Clients Manage Workload & Training

Background We performed an annual financial statement review and preparation of partnership tax returns for the company and its ten plus subsidiaries. The client has had turnover in its accounting department; in addition, the employees on staff were inexperienced in GAAP accounting. Problem/Objective The client…

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