Nonprofit Publications

BDO Nonprofit Standard – Spring 2017 Newsletter

Topics Include: Public Charities and Private Foundations—What’s the Difference? Accounting and Financial Reporting for Other Postemployment Benefit Plans. IRS Stresses New Processes at Annual Tax Exempt and Government Entities Meeting

BDO Nonprofit Standard – Winter 2014 Newsletter

Topics include: Higher Education Update: Three Top Trends Impacting the Sector Institute Professional Profile Bitcoin in the Charitable Sector: What Nonprofits Need to Know New Form 1023-EZ AICPA to Launch New Not-For-Profit Member Section Awkward Board Conversations About Pay – Can We Talk?

BDO Nonprofit Standard – Fall 2014 Newsletter

Topics include: Current Trends in the Nonprofit Sector The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Offers Key Lessons for Nonprofit Fundraising Models Charity Auctions: Reporting and Tax Rules #Nonprofits #SocialMedia and #Taxes: Is Your Organization Protected? Decision Process Regarding Office Space for Nonprofits

BDO Nonprofit Standard – Summer 2014 Newsletter

Topics include: Public/Private Partnerships Five Data Security Tips for Colleges and Universities NONPROFIT FACTS: Did you know Property Tax Exemptions on the Radar

BDO Nonprofit Standard – Winter 2013 Newsletter

Topics include: FASB Board Proposes Changes to Nonprofit Cash Flow Statement IRS Releases Draft 2013 Form 990 Instructions Are You Prepared for the OMB Supercircular? FAC and DCF Update Significant Diversion of Assets 

BDO Nonprofit Standard – Summer 2013 Newsletter

Topics include: Higher Education – Mid-year Update IRS Final Report on Colleges and Universities Nonprofit Facts – Did you know? Disallowed Losses on Form 990-T New GASB Pronouncements

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