Industry Benchmarking: how does your performance compare?

We understand the burning questions that keep you up at night:

  • Is the company making money?
  • What’s my profit margin?
  • What’s the competition up to?
  • How could we be more efficient?
  • What don’t I know?
  • What’s the overall financial health of the business?

Managing day-to-day demands can make it difficult to step back and consider the bigger picture and financial reality of your business; where liquidity, profit margin, sales, borrowing, assets and employees all meet.  As a part of the Perkins experience, we employ Profitcents, a tool that evaluates your financial and operational performances against companies of a similar size and scope within your industry. This precious intel is packaged into customized, plain language reports that allow you to objectively analyze your business. You can zero in on which areas are performing well and which areas need improvement.

Let’s not stop there, let’s consider, “What if?”  With the Profitcents “What-If scenario” tool you can examine the financial implications of different actions or decisions and ultimately build a smarter growth plan.

Curious to see a sample report?

Perkins Sample Benchmarking Report

Nonprofits, we certinaly didn’t forget about you. Our tool provides similar metrics specific to nonprofit organizations allowing you to bore into the nitty-gritty including effectiveness of your activities, use of resources, progress towards goals and success against your mission statement.

Targeted insights for nonprofits.

Perkins Nonprofit Sample Benchmarking Report