Expert in:

Legacy Planning, Tax Services

Kripa Raguram

CPA, MBA, CWA | Director

Peaceful. Disciplined. Trustworthy. A calming presence and versatile team player.

Born and raised in Bangalore, India, Kripa credits her wise mother with securing the excellent early education that led Kripa to discover her aptitude for accounting—and her future career.

After moving to the Midwest in the 1990s with an advanced education in accounting, Kripa quickly realized that a U.S. degree would be the ticket to launching her career stateside. So when her growing family moved to Portland, she wasted no time earning an MBA from the University of Portland.

Degree in hand, Kripa quickly amassed an impressive portfolio of tax experience, and now shares her insightful leadership and interpersonal skills at Perkins to expertly guide individuals and businesses on tax best practices.

A student of Indian classical violin and devotee of Self-Realization Fellowship, a worldwide fellowship devoted to discovery of peace and joy through daily scientific meditation, Kripa finds joy in nature and hopes one day to travel extensively throughout India and the world.

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