Kerry Morton

CPA | Senior Manager

Compassionate. Competitive. Goal-oriented. A wiz at unraveling accounting puzzles.

Born and raised in Perkins, Oklahoma, Kerry seemed destined to land at Perkins & Co, but her path here was somewhat circuitous. While Kerry’s mother hoped her only child would be a scientist, Kerry hated science lab.

Favoring a career in hospitality and harboring a “nerdlike” love for numbers, Kerry double-majored in accounting and hotel management at Oklahoma State. To her, accounting was fun—like solving puzzles. When a professor recognized her aptitude and encouraged her to give accounting a go, she rose to the challenge.

Not long after earning a master’s in accounting, Kerry became our first true born-and-bred “Perkinator.” A master at unraveling messy books and getting to the bottom of accounting mysteries, Kerry works with real estate startups, high net worth individuals, and family businesses.

An inveterate goal setter—she read 30 books when she turned 30—Kerry is finishing her shipping container home and learning to bake the perfect cinnamon roll, all while raising her young daughter.