Professional Development

Go for it. We’re behind you all the way.

Let’s make a good thing better…and better

We know you’d never settle for “good enough.” Like us, you view continuing education as a necessity, not an extra. Here, you’ll receive comprehensive training and support from a variety of high quality resources, including our BDO Alliance USA.

There’s no off-the-shelf curriculum; together, we’ll design the right development path for you. Whether it’s brushing up on the standards, learning the finer points of technical accounting, or adopting the Perkins approach to client service, you’ll receive the best educational offerings in our industry.

CPA Exam

It’s a big deal, for you and for us. When you take on the CPA challenge, we’ll back you with pride. Perkins & Co will:

  • Reimburse the full cost of most study materials
  • Pay for all parts of the exam and registration
  • Give you a multi-year bonus when you become certified to say “Congrats!”

Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

At Perkins, you’ll be spoiled with options for lifelong learning.

In-House Expertise

The basics: Naturally, you’ll receive comprehensive training on our processes and software from the start. As you settle in, we’ll show you new tricks like how to turn technical updates into valuable advice for our clients.

Pay it forward: Our most senior-level accountants and specialists will help you understand technical and industry areas you’ll be exposed to. (And they’ll be honing their own skills as teachers and professional speakers.)

Flex-Ed: You choose the time and the topic with e-learning. You’ll be able to select self-study programs and webinars that fit into your schedule from a variety of vendors, including our alliance partner BDO.

On The Job

Classes and conferences can’t teach you everything. On-the-job experience at Perkins will help you thrive. You’ll receive individualized attention from managers and shareholders as you grow into your role and explore career opportunities. Our collaborative environment and small engagement teams encourage Perkins employees at all levels of expertise to learn from each other.

One of the things I appreciate and respect about Perkins, which also sets us apart in the industry, is how much we value building relationships.  You could be a stellar accountant, but you can only truly grow as an individual and as a company by building relationships.  The best part is that it starts at home with our colleagues and naturally pours out to our clients and community.  It’s organic, unadulterated and genuine,” —Gina Dusenbury, Audit Staff

Off-Site Opportunities

We’re not clingy. We encourage you to attend off-site conferences and programs so you can expand your network, explore new areas of accounting and business development, and dig deeper into technical areas. Many of our employees attend conferences such as:

  • AuditWatch University
  • AICPA Conference on Employee Benefit Plans
  • AICPA National Not-for-Profit Industry Conference
  • AICPA National Real Estate Conference
  • OSCPA (various)
  • AICPA Conference on Tax Strategies for the High-Income Individual
  • Thompson Reuters GearUp Conference
  • AICPA National Advanced Accounting and Auditing Technical Symposium

Specialized Skills

As a local, independent firm, we’ve got the flexibility to support individual growth.

Business development: How do you attract new business? Or build your network? Experiences like our home-grown business development team competition bring employees from all levels and departments together to build confidence in expanding services to existing clients, making new referral source connections, and qualifying new client leads. Our more experienced accountants may attend an off-site leadership or business development program to enhance their skills.

Breaking the mold: If you aspire to do something special—pursue a more advanced certification, develop a new niche, expand a current practice within the firm—we’ll support you in making it happen. We’re proud of our accountants who have achieved ABV, CFF, CFP, MTax, and MBA credentials, so if you want to specialize, you’ll find us willing to coach and cheer you on.

Our Mentoring Program

Our mentoring program is designed to provide all the support, guidance, counseling, and encouragement you need to make the most of your abilities and opportunities. The mentoring relationship also gives you a confidential forum for discussing performance and resolving conflict.

We’ll pair you up with a mentor when you start at Perkins, but you’re not locked in for life. Every fiscal year you’ll be invited to request your mentor—a new one, or the one you don’t want to give up. You’ll meet with your mentor at least once a quarter, and your mentor may share their unique experiences and knowledge with you at any time. Just don’t wait for them to chart your course. You’ll get the most out of your mentor by taking the lead to ask for their guidance as you plan and work towards your goals.

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