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Welcome to Perkins 101

Pencils down. Time for show and tell.

By now you’ve probably read what it takes to join our team and checked out Perkins perks. (If not, feel free; we’ll wait.) Here’s where you’ll get a glimpse of the staff accounting roles at Perkins. We do ask you to choose a home base—tax or audit—but we’ll help you find your fit. Pigeonholing is not our style; you’ll have many opportunities to explore different industries and specialties. And you can expect to receive outstanding mentoring, training and professional development from day one.

Tax champions

Team: You’ll work closely with two or more accountants per job (“engagement”), and on smaller jobs you’ll work more independently. You’ll also have opportunities to work directly with a shareholder—imagine tapping into that bank of knowledge.

Responsibilities: You’ll prepare a variety of tax returns for entities and individuals such as S-Corps, C-Corps, Partnerships, LLCs, business owners, and high net worth clients. Critical thinking, researching, troubleshooting, and tying out balances are integral parts of delivering the top-notch service that our clients value.

A day in the life: Never a dull moment (really). The spice in the Tax Department is the opportunity to work on an array of jobs, with multiple supervisors, for clients in a variety of industries—sometimes all in one day! Generally, you’ll be in the office communicating with your teammates and working collaboratively. By the way, your home-away-from-home is no cube farm; our office space is so beautiful it even won a design award.

Client interaction: Depending on the client, you’ll have opportunities to connect and answer questions once you’ve developed a base of technical knowledge. Our managers are keen to help you become a trusted business advisor. When it makes sense for your professional development and for the job, they find just the right way to challenge you. They’re great that way.

Audit adventurers

Team: You’ll work closely with two or more accountants per job (“engagement”), and on smaller jobs you’ll work more independently. You’ll also have opportunities to work directly with a shareholder—talk about access to great training.

Responsibilities: As a member of staff, you’ll execute audit and accounting procedures that involve problem solving, analyzing and reviewing client documents (such as financial statements and accounting records), conducting risk assessments and inventory observations, and creating “work papers” in which you’ll document and communicate your findings. Audit clients are generally mid-to large-sized privately held companies.

A day in the life: You’ll typically work in the field at the client’s site to access their records and employees, then complete some of the work in our beautiful office. Field work ranges from a few days to a few weeks of local travel. That means you get to sleep in your own bed 98% of the time while fully experiencing the authentic life of an auditor. Naturally, you can rely on your supervisors to help you develop professionally as you face the technical challenges presented by client issues.

Client interaction: Staff auditors connect with clients as part of an audit team, so you’ll be expected to show your professionalism and competence with all levels of client personnel from the get-go.

Summer internships

Some firms fill internships with “special projects.” We give you real-life experience: two months in the life of a new staff accountant. You’ll receive all the training and hands-on support we lavish on new hires. But as you settle in, you might be surprised by the independence and responsibility you’ll enjoy. Tax or audit team? We can help you decide. Whichever you choose, you’ll be immersed in all the variety and career-building challenges Perkins can offer.

“When looking for an internship, I wanted to understand what public accounting was like and Perkins was the perfect place for me to get that experience. From day one of my internship, I was given challenges and responsibilities that I never would have expected to get as a college student.  I really appreciated the independence I had to solve problems on my own, but I never felt overwhelmed because of Perkins’ great training and support system.”

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