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Sometimes it just clicks. Sometimes there’s chemistry on day one. And what starts as a cup of coffee, becomes a new chapter.

That’s what happened when Perkins & Co and Thompson Kessler Wiest and Borquist, PC met. Both firms knew that in the other they had found an accounting soulmate who saw the world the same way they did. Each saw a Portland-grown firm settling for nothing less than the best. Firms striving to provide the best client experience; hiring the best and brightest people; working hard to make sure those people have the best work environment. And it was obvious, we could be even better together.

Together we saw how we could offer more to our clients; expand opportunities for our people; give more of ourselves to our business community. And so on July 1, 2016, we did just that: we came together to become even better. Because sometimes, you just know.

Thompson Kessler Wiest and Borquist, PC (TKWB) and Perkins have consolidated under the Perkins & Co name and brand. The TKWB team can now be found at the Perkins main office at 1211 SW Fifth Avenue in Portland.

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Portland, Ore. – On July 1, 2016, Perkins & Co, the largest locally owned accounting firm in Portland, merged with Thompson Kessler Wiest & Borquist PC (TKWB), an esteemed local boutique firm with more than 30 years of experience working in high-demand industries such as construction, real estate, manufacturing and international tax. The firms are consolidating under the name and office of Perkins & Co. Read full press release >>

Thompson Kessler Wiest and Borquist, PC is now Perkins & Co